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Genesee-Finger Lakes Regional Impervious Surface Scan


The objective of the Genesee Finger Lakes Impervious Surface Scan was to provide greater insight regarding the impacts of impervious cover (IC) on regional aquatic systems by providing a basic screening tool to watershed planners. Percentages of impervious cover (%IC) have been generated at the catchment level in urbanized areas of the Genesee Finger Lakes region. %IC is mapped and reported in accordance with the standard %IC ranges as described by the Center for Watershed Protection. Information is represented in a series of thematic maps that identify various other geographic attributes and identifiers (political boundaries, watershed boundaries, adjacent waterbodies, etc.).

With the completed catchment-level %IC GIS geo-database in-hand, an intermediate-level GIS user can begin to investigate the impacts of impervious cover on water quality in the Genesee Finger Lakes region with relative ease. It provides informed users with a useful screening tool that can be applied in a rapid watershed assessment process to prioritize geographic focus areas within a watershed, narrow down the scope of potential applicable planning and remediation projects, and quickly identify practical watershed restoration goals for areas with high levels of impervious cover.

Maps included in this report help to illustrate and describe the issue of IC to the general audience. The scale of analysis utilized the catchment is an ideal size for conducting a sub-watershed analysis. While these static maps and data clearly lack the full functionality and dynamics of a GIS, individuals with particular interest on a specific watershed or waterbody can begin to investigate the degree to which IC is present.

Genesee-Finger Lakes Impervious Surface Scan: An Inventory of Impervious Surfaces in the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region Report


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