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Summary File 1 General Profiles


For information regarding 2010 Census Summary File 1 visit




The General Profiles include the following tables:

  • General Profile 1: Persons By Race, Age, And Sex; Urban and Rural
    General Profile 2: Households & Families By Type; Household Relationship By Age

  • General Profile 3: Population Under 20; Relationship By Age (Under 18)

  • General Profile 4: Households & Families By Type, Size, and Age Of Household Members

  • General Profile 5: Husband-Wife And Unmarried-Partner Households

  • General Profile 6: Housing Unit, Tenure, Vacancy Type, Household Size, Householder Race/Age

  • General Profile 7: Tenure By Household Type By Age; Nonfamily Households; Nonrelatives

  • General Profile 8: Group Quarters Population By Sex By Age By Detailed Type

  • General Profile 9: Group Quarters Population By Sex By Detailed Age







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