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Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development Evaluation and Implementation Plan

The Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council provided some communities in the region with a reliable assessment and inventory of potential green infrastructure implementation and retrofit projects.  The evaluation focused on: a) consideration of green infrastructure capital improvements, and b) analysis of the local regulatory framework to ensure compatibility with local laws.  The outcome of this project includes a) a quantifiable and prioritized list of potential green infrastructure implementation projects and associated cost estimates by municipality and b) a completed assessment and gap analysis of local laws with respect to green infrastructure, better site design, and low impact development practices.

Nine municipalities in the G-FL region have been selected to participate in this project

Project Schedule

Project staff conducted field visits in the spring and summer of 2011 in order to identify and assess potential locations for green infrastructure stormwater facilities utilizing the Center for Watershed Protection’s “Retrofit Reconnaissance Investigation” forms identified in Manual 3 of CWPs Urban Subwatershed Restoration Manual Series (available online at the following address  Staff also assessed the body of local regulations within each project municipality utilizing the Center for Watershed Protection’s Code and Ordinance Worksheet (available online at the following address 

Expected Environmental Benefit or Risk Reduction

It is expected that this project will contribute to a reduction in stormwater runoff volume and the negative consequences associated therein, including increases in erosion, water level/flow during storm and thaw events, silt/sedimentation, turbidity, nutrient loading, pathogens, salts, and thermal changes to waterways.


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For more information please contact G/FLRPC at or 585-454-0190