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Clean Heating and Cooling Demo

This page details the steps your community needs to take to get Clean Energy Communities certification for this Action Item by NYSERDA and how Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council (G/FLRPC) can assist you. As your regional Clean Energy Coordinator, please email Rob Richardson at or if you have been in touch with other Finger Lakes Region Clean Energy Communities Coordinators at G/FLRPC, email them directly for help completing this action item.  
Step 1: Submit a signed Clean Heating and Cooling Demo Certificate Form  

This form is downloadable here.  It confirms that at least one municipal building is owned and operated by the applying jurisdiction and has been recently converted or built to use ground- or air-source heat pumps systems and the building’s primary heating, cooling and water heating systems. The building must be 1,000 square feet or larger and open to the public year-round.  

Note: Date of completion for this action defined as the date the equipment was installed. The date must be after January 1, 2020. 

Step 2: Include an educational component  
Install an educational kiosk, display, and/or materials intended to educate municipal staff and the public to the benefits of electrification.  

Step 3: Submitting Documentation  
The final step is to submit the following documents to NYSERDA for certification of this Action Item:  

  1. Clean Heating and Cooling Demo Certification Form  
  2. Submit at least one photograph of the educational component.  

 Submit your documentation here: High Impact Action Item Document  : High Impact Action Item Document