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Watershed Management and Water Resource Planning

Lakes and streams, and their watersheds, do not follow municipal or county boundaries. Water is often, by this very fact, a regional issue. G/FLRPC has a long history of work on watershed plans, flood mitigation planning, stormwater management, flood resiliency and drinking water analysis and planning. Expertise includes planning and planning process management across multiple jurisdictions, creation of local regulations (and experience with the challenge of administration and enforcement), land use analysis, and GIS mapping.

Current Activities:
G/FLRPC is actively involved with local watershed groups, county water quality coordinating committees, and stormwater coalitions as well as other water related groups across the G-FL region.
Some current programs are our role as technical assistance providers for the NYS DEC Drinking Water Source Protection Plan program (DWSP2).  If you or your community has any interest or questions about the DWSP2 program, please reach out to Emily Royce at with questions.

For a list of current events, training opportunities and possible funding opportunities and webinars, please visit our Regional Watershed Resources and Events page in the side bar to the left.

If you or your community have any additional questions or needs for water resources, please feel free to contact us at