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Spring 2023 LGW

The Spring Local Government Workshop was held on:
Thursday May 18th, 2023 8:30am - 5pm at the Hotel at Batavia Downs, NY

Thanks to all of our attendees, presenters, and vendors at our Spring Local Gov't Workshop.  It was a well attended and well received event and we look forward to sharing our next one with the G-FL region.  

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The following updated schedule highlights all the exciting sessions offered this Spring.  

Spring LGW Schedule_FINAL

Session descriptions are as follows:

A - 9am          Laying the Groundwork for Farmland Protection: What Local Government's Need To Know
PRESENTATION and Resources
Presenters: Matthew Halladay, Genesee Valley Conservancy; Amanda Grisa, Genesee Land Trust; Rachel Chrostowski, Western New York Land Conservancy

A - 10am (2 hour session) Zoning Board of Appeals Overview - PRESENTATION
This introductory course to the zoning board of appeals focuses on the statutory tests boards must follow to grant use and area variances and proper handling of zoning interpretations. Meeting procedures and notice requirements will also be discussed, along with the ZBA’s relationship with enforcement officials and the planning board, and the importance of making good findings.
Presenters: NYS DOS Division of Local Gov't Training

A - 1pm          Site Plan Review - PRESENTATION
This course is an overview of the statutory authority local governments have to review site plans. It will address the scope and content of a site plan and the role of the site plan in municipal review of development projects. A discussion of design and the reasons some approaches might be preferable to others is included in the course.
Presenters: NYS DOS Division of Local Gov't Training

A - 2pm          Special Use Permitting - PRESENTATION
Some uses require additional review and should be granted permission only if the application meets certain conditions. These special uses include gas stations, dog kennels, and uses with drive-through windows. The special use permit is also used for development in environmentally sensitive zones with overlays such as for wetlands, steep slopes, and along scenic ridgelines. Scenarios in which the special use permit tool is most helpful will be discussed, along with rules local boards must follow for reviewing and approving applications for special use permits.
Presenters: NYS DOS Division of Local Gov't Training

A - 3pm          State and Federal Funding: Financing and Resources for Municipalities - PRESENTATION
Are you interested in bringing grant dollars home to your community? This session will cover all aspects of the grant process -- from applying to administration. In addition to reviewing the steps to consider when planning for community development needs, the speaker will also discuss pre-application homework, funding source requirements, as well as reporting requirements. New CDBG program areas including farmworker housing and new affordable housing construction will also be discussed.  If you want to learn the A to Z of applying for community development grants, this is the session for you!
Presenters: Charlie Philion, Office of Community Renewal

A - 4pm          Implementing Complete Streets - PRESENTATION
During this panel discussion learn more about complete streets, and how to implement them in your community. Hear from two municipalities that have implemented complete streets policies to learn about their challenges, opportunities, and accomplishments, and learn more about the benefits they have provided to their community. This panel discussion will provide ample opportunity for audience questions and discussion. 
Presenters: Jenny Loewenstein, G/FLRPC; James Reynolds, Village of Perry Planning Board; Rebecca Wurster, AICP, Chautauqua County

B - 9am           Navigating Solar Development with Partnerships - the Livingston County Experience - PRESENTATION
As with many communities in Western NY and the Genesee/Finger Lakes region, Livingston County has experienced solar development where the number of projects, changes in solar technology, and size of projects has increased rapidly.  In 2021, Livingston County created a part-time Solar Coordinator position with the funding assistance of the NYS Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to provide technical assistance, education, and training to municipal boards and officials in the County.  The County's solar team consists of the County Planning Department, the Solar Coordinator, and consultant services from MRB Group and G/FLRPC. Come to this session to learn how these new partnerships have provided a strong foundation for helping Livingston County's communities navigate the complicated road of regulating new technology projects.
Presenters: Heather Ferrero, AICP, Livingston County; Jennifer Manierre, CEM, LEED AP ND, NYSERDA

B - 10am         Watershed and Floodplain Management: Local Connections - PRESENTATION
Overview of watershed and floodplain management efforts in NYS.  Some highlighted topics, watershed and floodplain introduction, Great Lakes highlights, grant programs, and other tools and topics.
Presenters: Ryan Elliott, NYS DEC Great Lakes Program

B - 11am         ConnectALL Broadband - PRESENTATION
Governor Kathy Hochul’s ConnectALL initiative will deliver affordable, reliable, high-speed internet access to all New Yorkers, bolster digital equity, and transform the state’s digital infrastructure.

High-speed, reliable internet is essential for New Yorkers to fully participate in school, work remotely, find jobs, start businesses, access healthcare, and communicate with loved ones. The ConnectALL Office, housed within Empire State Development, oversees and administers the $1B+ ConnectALL initiative, leading a multi-agency effort that will be discussed in this session.
Presenters: Rose Anello, Empire State Development

B - 1pm           Smart Growth Planning and Zoning - the Foundation for Sustainable and Equitable Land Use Practices - PRESENTATION
An overview of the DOS Smart Growth Planning and Zoning grant initiative and its many co-benefits to priority state policies and programs An overview of the DOS Smart Growth Planning and Zoning grant initiative and its many co-benefits to priority state policies and programs—e.g., climate change, housing, equity, storm resiliency, economic development, public health and aging, among others.
Presenters: Paul Beyer, Office of Planning, Development & Community Infrastructure

B - 2pm           NY Department of State Geospatial Information Gateway (Gateway) Evolves - The DOS Gateway is a geospatial information portal that has empowered the people of New York with access and viewing of over 700 datasets since its launch in September 2015.  The Gateway has evolved from a server based platform to a web-based platform updating its look, increasing its data holdings and the ways to find information and expanding it’s functionality with new tools and applications.  The Gateway Hub is built to help decision-makers, especially at the local and community level, and the public in supporting decisions and understanding the world around them.
Presenters: Jeff Herter, Office of Planning, Development & Community Infrastructure

B - 3pm           Planning for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse - PRESENTATION
On April 8, 2024 the United States will experience a Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) traversing from Texas to Maine. Almost all of the nine-County Genesee Finger Lakes Region falls within the Path of Totality. Since 2018, Visit Rochester, the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC), and the Genesee Transportation Council (GTC) have been reaching out to other organizations to collaborate to create the best experience possible for our residents and visitors. Being the easternmost City with a Science Museum & Planetarium, Visit Rochester estimates the region will see 375,000 to 500,000 visitors on top of existing 1.1 million residents! In essence, this will be a major event at potentially hundreds of venues throughout the region. Needless to say, this will be a transportation challenge but also a great opportunity to showcase our region.  
Presenters: Jim Stack, Genesee Transportation Council; Deb Ross, Eclipse Task Force Chairperson; Dan Schneiderman, RMSC Eclipse Coordinator, Genesee County Representatives

C – Crosswalk Matrix - A Climate Smart Communities matrix was recently developed that is intended to help municipalities identify overlaps between the Climate Smart Communities Certification (CSC) Program and other federal and state programs focused on water and coastal management. It highlights areas where the municipality may already be conducting CSC eligible activities or can invest in activities that earn credit for multiple programs. Municipalities can better gauge potential enrollment in and benefit from the CSC program and other programs using this matrix. In addition to the crosswalk matrix, participants will learn about these programs from the entities that administer them, as well as panels of representatives from communities that have implemented these programs to share lessons learned.
C - 9am - Setting the Stage Mary Austerman, NY Sea Grant; Jayme Breschard, AICP, CFM, Barton & Loguidice
C - 10am - Hazard Mitigation Planning  - PRESENTATION Corrina Cavallo, NYS Dept. of Homeland Security & Emergency Services
C - 11am - Local Waterfront Revitalization Program - PRESENTATION Kate Black and Josh Hunn, NYS Department of State
C - 1pm - Climate Smart Communities Program - PRESENTATION Rachel Scudder, Genesee/ Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council
C - 2pm - Community Rating System Case Studies - Town of Greece PRESENTATION John Caterino, Town of Greece, Captain Bob Fix, City of Batavia
C - 3pm - A Case Study on Removing Barriers
C - 4pm - Final Thoughts