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Local government workshops

The Local Government Workshop is one of G/FLRPC's signature initiatives, providing a forum for training and information sharing since 1996. Since that time, thousands of local government officials, board members, staff, and interested citizens have attended the workshops, held twice a year. 
For more information about a current or upcoming workshop, please scroll down. For information on a previous workshop, click on the link to the left. 

Fall Local Government Workshop
We have just completed another successful Local Government Workshop.  Thanks to all who presented for each session and to all who attended.  If you have any issues with receiving credit for attendance, please reach out to Emily Royce, at  
Please also watch the link in our left hand menu for power point slides and video recordings to be posted soon.

'Last Chance' Training Session
If you are looking for more information about our recently advertised 'Last Chance Training Session', the registration window has closed due to popularity.  

This session is intended to assist those who need training credit prior to December 31st, 2021.  We will be replaying a couple of our recently completed Local Government Workshop sessions and will have discussions in between to maintain engagement and interaction as virtual meetings can be difficult.   If you have any questions about this, please reach out to Emily Royce at

Spring Local Government Workshop 2022
Please stay tuned for more information about our Spring Local Government Workshop training sessions in May of 2022.

Previous Workshops