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project overview

Project Description

  • Regional approach to economic and community development planning
  • Assessment and profile of existing conditions
  •  Identify opportunities to advance economic development
  • Prioritize future revitalization efforts within the Region
  • Final strategy identifies priorities, projects, and action items

Proposed Process

  • Approximately a 24 Month Process- 8 months for each sub-region (Central, East, West)
  • Establish project Steering Committee
  • Complete profile of existing conditions
  • Sub-regional forums
  • Draft strategies
  • County level forums
  • Final strategies

Community Overview and Description

  • Profile of existing conditions
  • Socio-economic, demographic and employment indicators
  • Current community features and conditions
  • Economic and land use development trends
  • Inventory of currently engaged Department of State programs within the Region

Sub-Regional Forums

  • Forum for stakeholders within each sub-region
  • Overview of existing conditions and community overview
    • Opportunity for input and revisions
  • Dissemination of information on regional and federal programs
  • Breakout sessions for each county to provide feedback:
    • What are the goals of the county?
    • What new projects are desired by the community?
    • What are the areas of need of the county?
  • Define issues and solutions

Draft Strategies

  • Project overview and description
  • Overview of existing conditions
  • Needs assessment
  • Goals and objectives
  • Recommendations of priorities, projects, and action items for consideration of New York State and federal programs
  • Priority areas of focus include:
  • Brownfields
  • Redevelopment and revitalization
  • Tourism
  • Environmental considerations
  • Natural resources
  • Land use
  • Infrastructure

County Forums

  • Individual county meetings held for each of the nine counties
  • Review and discussion of the draft county strategy
  • Comments and feedback will help development of final strategy for each county

This page was prepared by Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council for the New York State Department of State with state funds provided through the BOA Program