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Village of Pike Dissolution Study

The Village of Pike, located within the Town of Pike in Wyoming County, New York, undertook a dissolution study in 2007.  Funded by a grant obtained through New York State’s Shared Municipal Services Incentive (SMSI) program, this Dissolution Study assessed the impact of the Village’s dissolution on the community of Pike.

The potential dissolution of the Village had been a topic of discussion among the community since 2000.   Incorporated in 1848, the Village of Pike was for many years a local manufacturing and commercial center.  In recent decades the Village has suffered from the loss of industry and residents.  The general consensus among the Village’s residents is that the Village is an outdated form of government that should be dissolved. 

A preliminary assessment of the Village’s governance system indicated that the dissolution of the Village will remove a burdensome layer of local government that lacks support from its constituents, cannot effectively provide public services, and was no longer necessary for the delivery of those services.

The Village Board formed a Study Committee composed of interested citizens, Village officials, Town officials, and Fire Department officials to oversee the project and apply their knowledge and expertise to the study.  Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council provided guidance and technical support for the study process.    The study process resulted in a detailed “Service Inventory Report” and a “Dissolution Plan” for the Village.

Proposed Special District boundaries:

Services Inventory Report
Village of Pike Dissolution Plan
Organizing for Fire Protection 

The Village Board of Trustees adopted the proposed Dissolution Plan at its regular meeting on Monday, February 4, 2008.  The dissolution vote was held on Tuesday, March 18, 2008.  At that time the village residents voted in favor of dissolution.  According to the Mayor of Pike, a total of 36 votes were cast; 31 in favor of dissolution, 5 opposed to dissolution.  86% of the votes cast were in favor of dissolution, 14% of the votes were opposed to it.

No further Study Committee meetings are scheduled at this time.  The Village Board would like to thank all members of the Study Committee for their time and commitment to this project.